Thursday, February 1, 2007

To blog or not to blog

I must confess I didn’t like the idea of blogging at first.
I was never interested in it—very few people my generation are.
It was the terrain of the young and uninhibited, judging from some famous Singaporean bloggers' profile.
But having gone through this exercise and having come across some really well-written blogs, I have to say I’ve been converted.
(So my dear professor, my humble apologies for saying, "This is a HORRIBLE assignment.")
Yes, I still get a kick when I see the look on people's faces when I tell them with a straight face, "I have a blog."
Yesterday over lunch, I surprised even myself when I told my girl friends, "You all should write blogs. People who have something worthwhile to say about anything should say it."

Writing my blog—I have another ‘journal-style’ blog—has been an interesting experience.
It makes me feel both vulnerable and powerful.
I get to 'share' meaningful episodes in my life with everyone, and yet with no one in particular.
Knowing that my thoughts have now been translated into a processed article has been liberating. It is also a great responsibility.
And seeing comments on my blog gives me a sense of connection to the web world out there.
I must say it makes the entire techno-virtual thing human.
But a blog is NOT the place to criticize your neighbor or propagate half-truths like ‘you could die eating too much chocolates’ (you could die eating too much of anything, that’s the truth).
People have spread 'lies' just by airing their innocent conclusions about gossips on their blogs.
One gal in Singapore gave her MP dad and elite school a bad name because she told a fellow bogger who bemoaned the influx of foreign professionals into Singapore,
“Get out of my elite uncaring face!” (AsiaMedia :: SINGAPORE: Teen blogger counselled for her 'elitist' remarks)
Here’s the thing: just because this is our personal blog, it is not a personal space. Not when it’s put out there for the world to read.
As soon as I post it up, I have given the blogging world the permission to respond or react.
So write blogs earnestly but be responsible.
Write blogs freely but with respect.
Both for ourselves and for our fellow human beings.

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