Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What's Up Blog?

Today I shall focus on the What & Why of blogging.
What are blogs?

Weblogs started off as commentaries , additional information, and alternative points of views <>. Bloggers mostly aired their views on issues they read about in the news—their objections, interpretations, things they didn’t understand, and so on.

Then in 1999, a change happened.
From mostly 'filter-style' blogs, ‘journal-style blogs’ suddenly entered blogosphere--in trickles, then torrents, and now, they're a 'tsunami'.

Blood believes it’s to do with the introduction of user-friendly web-based tools like Blogger and others.
And with their zero restrictions on the form of content posted, the ‘post-Blogger explosion’ erupted.
With more participants—we’re talking about thousands within the same year—blogs mushroomed in all shapes, sizes, variety, and style.
And blogs became more personal and dynamic.
More people talked about personal stuff: what they read, which restaurants to avoid, the dog they saw on the way to work, their pet peeves, favorite recipes, even things within their bedrooms.
People began to feel they could participate in other people’s blogs more freely.
After all, everybody has a favorite this or that, a good and bad story to tell.

By the way, Rebecca Blood makes the distinction of calling the ‘filter-style’ blogs WEBLOGS, and ‘journal-style’ blogs BLOGS but I’ll just stick to 'blogs' from now on.

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